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I grew up surrounded by flowers. My parent’s backyard was full of blossoming fruit trees and flowering plants. Every bit of land had something growing. There were beautifully fragranced roses and large dahlias in all colours lining the front fence, to a little girl these were enormous, magnificent blooms. There were petunias, lilies, begonias, orchids, cacti, succulents plus many more. And every family outing, my parents would stop at a nursery to pick up something new to add to their garden. But my favourite flowers growing in the garden where the snapdragons, I would pick the flower heads off and squeeze them to make the dragons talk.

I would go through the garden selecting the most glorious blooms. I’d bundle them together, then wrap them up and gift them to others to enjoy. If I wasn’t making posies, then I was drying the flowers or pressing them between two yellow pages to preserve.

In the year 2000 I began taking lessons in Floral Art and by the end of 2002 I was a qualified florist with a Certificate III in Floristry. My journey over the years has led me to experience many aspects of the cut flower industry, including working for a leading flower exporting company as well as working for one of the most successful florists in the Western suburbs of Victoria.

Flowers have always been a part of my life and I’ve always understood how much they can say without words. We send flowers to show we care. Sometimes it’s the only way to express how we feel. Other times it’s to simply brighten someone’s day or even just to enjoy the beauty of the blooms ourselves. Whatever the reason, I guarantee the arrangements by Flowers by Tracey will be beautiful and fresh. I still select the most beautiful blooms each day and arrange them to make someone happy.

Keep Smiling,

Tracey Dordevic


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